The bento box for GCs and legal service providers, BriefBox is your legal software.

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  • Smarter Legal Engagement

    BriefBox is a legal services marketplace.

    It’s a cloud based platform where you can select, engage, collaborate via workrooms and manage your legal engagements. It’s the first time a platform provides everything you need, from legal procurement to legal reporting, in one place.


  • For Clients

    BriefBox is for providers of legal briefs – manage a watch list, select your panels and instruct directly, to a panel or to the market. Your choice. You have a BriefBox dashboard to manage all engagements and your legal spend and invoices, giving you complete control over all aspects of your engagement.


  • For Providers

    If you're interested in growing and new business opportunities then you’ve come to the right place. BriefBox is a marketplace where clients are looking for you and will actively invite you to Pitch. If you're just servicing your existing clients then you’ve now got persistent private workrooms for your matters!


Reporting & Analytics

Need to understand your spend; need to understand your clients? It's OK, BriefBox provides comprehensive reporting tools to arm you with the right insights. In real time.


Coming soon – BriefBox helps you find candidates, and … if you’re looking, that perfect opportunity. Our recruitment tools give you access to everything from casual contracts to full-time employment opportunities.

CPD Tracking

Coming Soon – find CPD courses and log your hours on BriefBox. Running close to your CPD deadline? No problem. Let BriefBox help you find the right course.


BriefBox is built by lawyers for lawyers. BriefBox uses the latest encryption protocols as recommended by the Australian Intelligence Community; it's safe to use anywhere from an airport lounge to your corporate network.


Coming from a team that has built solutions for ASX, NYSE and LSE listed companies, we've built BriefBox to take on the largest of workloads. We're ready to take you from your first on-system engagement to your 5,000th.


More? BriefBox is committed to delivering the best information technology for the legal industry. We listen, iterate and continue to offer you the tools you need to do business. If you have an idea:

Let us know
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The premier marketplace for legal procurement.

BriefBox is your complete procurement solution. Client or Provider – you will find the tools to allow you to work smarter.

"It's changing the way we procure legal services and there's no looking back!" – Private Beta Member

"Exceptional in Panel management. It's halved the time we take to procure and manage our Panel appointees." – Private Beta Member

A Plan to Meet Your Needs

All Plus Plans come with additional market analytics. As a Provider, you'll get preferred profile placement to improve your visibility on BriefBox. At any stage you can cancel your Plus Plan subscription without losing data.



  • 100 Briefs
  • Panels
  • Workrooms
  • Groups
  • Learning & CPD
  • Unlimited user accounts

Client Plus

$ 500 /company/month

  • All Client Free Features
  • Unlimited Briefs
  • Dealrooms
  • Reports


$ 20 /user/month

  • Announcements
  • Events
  • Forums
  • Capacity
  • Time Tracking
  • Updates


$ 5 /user/month

  • My Support for Business
  • Workflow Allocation
  • Legal Health
  • Business Reporting
  • Clients Only (Requires LaunchPad)

Provider Plus

$ 1000 /firm/month

  • All Provider Free features
  • Unlimited Pitches
  • Dealrooms
  • Rooms



  • 50 Pitches
  • Panels
  • Workrooms
  • Groups
  • Learning & CPD
  • Unlimited user accounts